viernes, 28 de octubre de 2011

A letter to my family

Dear family:

I was in a ship with a crowd of people who were going to Argentina too and there were a lot of families who came from different countries and some of them speak in languages that I could not understand. there were a loft of them who were crying too, I did not know the reasons but  I supposed that they had lost their families or had to left them behind.
I had been alone in this ship because nobody spoke my language and I had tried to understand to the others when they were talking but it was impossible, their idiom and their culture was too much different that I could not be able to understand a word.
However a few days ago, while I was in the stern of the ship seeing my continent for last time, a man came near to me and began to speak me, but unfortunately I did not know what he was trying to say me, so he realized that I could not understand nothing and he began to move his hands in order to explain me with them. In spite of his good movements and gestures, I could not understand him but it was a very funny moment to me.
This man seemed to be alone, because he stayed with me after that strange day when he had tried to speak with me, he had continued making this strange gestures and after three days I could understand some of the things that he tried to say me. One of them was that his family were died because a bomb had exploded where they used to live, and he explained me that he was working when it had happened, so I supposed that he did not have a family and there were the reasons which motivated him to try to speak with me because he had realized that I was alone too.
Well, I expected that when I arrived to Argentina, I could find a job and a confortable place to live, while I was learning some words with my new friend who I named Pedro because his real name was so difficult to pronunciate and it was worst if I would want write it. I hope that you are good, I will write you when we arrived to the country.

Kind regards!!

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