sábado, 29 de octubre de 2011

My ancestors

I am Jose Marquez and I am twenty years old and I used to live in Spain, Malaga with my family. It was the first day in January, we were in 1923 and it was cold in Spain because it was winter and we could not go out of our houses as a consequence of a snow storm which was creating serious disruptions in this place. As a result of our economic problem we were renting a house which we had to share with another family because we could not buy one.
I used to work in a shoe factory where I had a low payment that did not let me have the opportunity to save money and go away from this country. In spite of having not money, when i arrived one night after had worked thirteen hours in the , i woke all my family up and took them to the harbour. when we arrieved there we did not have money to pay the trip on the ship, but we decided that we had to come inside of it. so when the man who were watching the ship go away, we entered in the ship and we had hidden between the boxes were with the charge.
when we arrived to Argentina, we had the hope that we would change our lives and would have something better. At that time, we had nothing to lose, and some days later we could find a placed to settled down in Buenos Aires. A few years later, I had been married with sara,a girl hat i had met while I was orking and who was from Capital Federal city. Finally she had moved with me to Guernica, a little town far away of the city, and we started to become a family.

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